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    Artificial intelligence in action

    Sentispec Aps is a company focused on applied AI in industry. We have prepared this page especially so you can learn about Sentispec. We help business to increase revenues save costs and improve workflow processes through the processing and analysis of visual data. There are many business applications for the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. The Sentispec Access platform enables processing of computer vision data and the application of AI on the Edge.

    about Sentispec

    Sentispec Access Platform

    Our Sentispec Access platform integrates computer vision data with business data. We use applied artificial intelligence to improve workflow process, time and cost savings in many work environment. Read on to learn more about Sentispec and our technology solutions for industry.

    About Sentispec Robotic process automation

    Using robotic process automation, we help companies succeed in making money and saving time. We transform cameras from things that simply sit and watch into powerful tools for collecting data, improving efficiency and driving change. We believe data vision is quite simply visionary for business.

    About Sentispec

    Sentispec helps companies improve revenue and reduce cost by enabling Robotic Process Automation of video data. Read on to learn more about Sentispec and our solutions.

    Our unique Sentispec Access AI platform helps to turn data into competitive advantage. Extracting video data from video cameras. Then we integrate these video data streams with business data and this allows us to optimise work processes.

    For companies in logistics and supply chain it can deliver workflow optimisations through a number of process congestion alerts and unattended consignment identifications. It can also provide location specific statistical data to help manage the flow of goods through warehouses. This improves throughput, increases revenue and reduces costs giving competitive advantage.

    An insightful, 24-hour stream of invaluable data. And you already have it in place

    An insightful, 24-hour stream of invaluable data. And you already have it in place

    An insightful, 24-hour stream of invaluable data. And you already have it in place

    The Sentispec Advantage

    In many different business settings, the Sentispec Access platform will help you to deliver increased throughput. It can reduce costs and deliver greater revenues at every site. Within a multi-site business such as in the supply chain and logistics sector this can deliver significant workflow enhancements and dramatically reduce the cost to serve.

    about Sentispec

    Space logistics

    Imagine if you could optimise every transport and container shipment and reduce the cost to serve. You would optimise the Return On Investment of every shipment.

    Sentispec Inventory

    By automating stock taking routines with Sentispec Inventory, you reduce the manpower needed to run every site, and so deliver optimal cost efficiencies in warehouse stock management.

    Optimising warehouse workflow

    Automated computer vision data also provides location specific statistical data on the flow of goods through warehouses. This will improve throughput, and thus optimise revenues and reduce costs.

    Sentispec Inspector

    Managing fill rates at the start and delivery point of every despatch route can really help to manage the profitability in your supply chain. By employing the Sentispec Inspector for fill rate optimisation can help to increase the fill rates achieved on every single distribution route.

    Sentispec Handler

    Global players in supply chain work hard at getting the detail right in all aspects of the shipping of goods. Ensuring the quality of every single palette uploaded into a shipment is vital to satisfy client schedules and minimise insurance claims for damaged and missing goods. Our Sentispec Handler service delivers load Quality Assurance and helps our clients manage every single load at despatch to mitigate such insurance claims.

    50-80% cost reduction in stock taking operations

    Our Founders

    Sentispec founders Andreas Claudi and Morten Herman Langkjær share a vision. Their vision and therefore modus operandi ensures that

    “In everything we do at Sentispec, we are unconditionally constructive.
    This means that we approach all situations with positivity and a tireless drive to deliver the right, effective solutions for our Customers.
    We are uncompromising in terms of cyber security, data location, data regulations, and data privacy. We never share your data with 3rd parties, and respect for data is part of our DNA.”

    To learn more about Sentispec solutions and how we can help your business, get in contact today