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Sentispec Aps is a company focused on applied AI in industry. We have prepared this page especially so you can learn about Sentispec. We help business to increase revenues save costs and improve workflow processes through the processing and analysis of visual data. There are many business applications for the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. The Sentispec Access platform enables processing of computer vision data and the application of AI on the Edge.

about Sentispec

Sentispec Access Platform

Our Sentispec Access platform integrates computer vision data with business data. We use applied artificial intelligence to improve workflow process, time and cost savings in many work environment. Read on to learn more about Sentispec and our technology solutions for industry.

About Sentispec Robotic process automation

Using robotic process automation, we help companies succeed in making money and saving time. We transform cameras from things that simply sit and watch into powerful tools for collecting data, improving efficiency and driving change. We believe data vision is quite simply visionary for business.

About Sentispec

Sentispec helps companies improve revenue and reduce cost by enabling Robotic Process Automation of video data. Read on to learn more about Sentispec and our solutions.

Our unique Sentispec Access AI platform helps to turn data into competitive advantage. Extracting video data from video cameras. Then we integrate these video data streams with business data and this allows us to optimise work processes.

For companies in logistics and supply chain it can deliver workflow optimisations through a number of process congestion alerts and unattended consignment identifications. It can also provide location specific statistical data to help manage the flow of goods through warehouses. This improves throughput, increases revenue and reduces costs giving competitive advantage.

An insightful, 24-hour stream of invaluable data. And you already have it in place

An insightful, 24-hour stream of invaluable data. And you already have it in place

An insightful, 24-hour stream of invaluable data. And you already have it in place

The Sentispec Way

In everything we do we strive to be unconditionally constructive.
This means we approach all situations with positivity and a tireless drive to deliver the right, effective solutions for our clients.

Our personality


We’re clever, energetic specialists who lead in our field.


We’re natural problem solvers who adapt to find answers.


We’re not pompous or elitist. We understand our clients and the real world they work in. We’re here to help.

Our tone of voice


We’re more than happy to talk about our tech and it’s capabilities, we know our stuff and take pride in our work.


Our tone is approachable. We’re good at listening and finding the answers to peoples problems.


We talk to clients as our peers. We show our understanding of their world and engage with them in the way they like to be engaged.

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