Automated stocktaking

Our unique artificial intelligence platform Sentispec Access provides the means through which we deliver Automated Stocktaking.

Computer vision delivers stock transparency.

Using cameras to collect high quality vision data we then aggregate the data and integrate with your business data.

AI or machine learning can help to ensure your supply chain is always learning to be more efficient. Checking for stock anomalies and locations, with real-time inventory and visibility.


Automated stocktaking for accurate sensing and reporting

With cameras streaming rich data 24/7 to the stock control office, planners with highly accurate real time stock audit reports empower warehouse management for optimal revenues.

Using automated AI based sensing of stock and exception-based workflows, warehouse management can

prioritise higher value projects and allocate precious human resources accordingly.

Automated stock taking can improve the starting point for your demand and supply plans with more accurate forecasts.

The Sentispec automated stocktaking delivers reports with specific actions to optimise space usage, produce automated audits, manage timing and route planning and deliver anomaly reports.

Case study:
80% cost reduction in stocktaking operations


This regional logistics provider provides warehousing, distribution, and sea transport services, and more.


Stocktaking is a manual, labour intensive, costly operation. This customer also holds stock for customers, with regular audits. A significant number of precious resources are dedicated to manual stocktaking across all regional warehouses. These repetitive, routine laborious manual tasks can be a drain on human resources.


By mounting video cameras on forklifts, this customer has replaced manual barcode scanning with an AI based solution which outputs data on shelf and slot contents, by scanning barcodes on shelves and pallets.

The Sentispec Access allows for 50-80% cost reduction in the stock taking operations, whilst reducing labour spent searching for misplaced pallets.

Automated Stock Taking and Stock Audits

With our cameras mounted on trucks and other mobile devices we can drive automated stock taking at a faster pace and with greater consistency and accuracy. This can reduce manual labour costs by as much as 95% by increasing pallet scanning rates from 100 to 3000 per hour.

Sentispec Automated Stocktake – Savings demonstration

You can layer the methods of process optimisation through the various use cases with Sentispec Access to dramatic effect.

BenefitsTodaySentispec Solution
Process Efficiency100 pallets / man hour3000 pallets / man hour
Time Expenditure3-5 people, 1-2 days1 person, 3-5 hours
Cost Savings€40-75K per year
Based on medium sized warehouse (30,000 m2 )