Case Studies: Real Solutions in Action

Explore Sentispec case studies and discover how our innovative solutions are transforming our clients’ businesses.

  • Warehouse Aerial

    Stock Accuracy saves money and cuts 80% of stocktaking time

    The Sentispec Inventory solution has not only streamlined Agri-Norcold’s stocktaking processes but also enhanced trust and operational efficiency across their supply chain, demonstrating the tangible benefits of AI in logistics.

  • Danx Truck on Motorway

    Sentispec AI improves fill rate optimisation and computer vision reduces CO2 emissions

    The demands of the Day And Night Xpress service with a focus on in-night distribution creates a very dynamic route network which needs careful supervision and management. Maintaining surveillance on every load…

  • stock audit

    Stock audit costs improve by 80% with Sentispec Inventory

    The integration of Sentispec Inventory has been a game-changer in Frode Laursen’s approach to stock management, showcasing the practical benefits of AI in streamlining logistics processes.

  • Camera Scanner

    Global Furniture Retailer Case Study: Streamlining Distribution with Sentispec AI

    Discover how a global furniture retailer significantly improved goods distribution with Sentispec AI, slashing loading times and enhancing stock accuracy across thousands of stores worldwide.

  • Normal Office Building

    Retail Logistics Enhanced with AI at Leading Household Products Retailer

    Discover how a leading household products retailer enhanced their goods distribution to over 550 stores with Sentispec Inventory, achieving unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in stock management.

  • Forklift with pallet

    Saving 7 Minutes per Load

    A leading global shipping and logistics company gained improvement in warehouse productivity by 6%, effectively reducing the time spent on loading administration by seven minutes per container with Sentispec Handler.


Save Costs

Cut warehousing costs by 3-8% and improve loading and stocktaking.

Faster Loading

Save up to 10 minutes per vehicle, increasing productivity by 5-10%.

Better Route Planning

Improve routes and cut CO2 emissions by increasing average fill rates by 5-10%.

Journey to Enhanced Logistics:
Our Three-Step Approach


Outcome Identification

Together, we’ll craft a comprehensive business case, pinpointing key value drivers and unveiling potential advantages.


Test and Confirm

Experience our solution firsthand with trial implementations, witnessing its impactful value in your very own setting.


Value Amplification

Following the pilot’s success, we transition into a phase of tangible value creation, refining your processes and boosting quality and clarity.