AI-Driven Production Optimization in Global Manufacturing

AI-Driven Production Optimization in Global Manufacturing

Siemens Gmesa Wind Turbine


Siemens-Gamesa, a global wind turbine manufacturer operates several production sites globally. Each of the production facilities hold local stock to ensure continuous operation of the production lines and optimize equipment profitability.


Faced with recent global supply chain disruptions, component shortages, and various external challenges, the manufacturer’s production planning became increasingly complex. Accurately managing varying stock levels was essential to ensure continuous production and avoid costly delays.


By deploying Sentispec Inventory, this customer has achieved a higher degree of accuracy in stock levels and locations, ensuring less time is wasted retrieving stock to production, and crucially reducing equipment downtime and bottlenecks.

«Our solution is innovative and practical in that it is easy to deploy with minimal change to existing facilities and processes. It just works.»

Andreas Claudi
Sentispec Aps

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Success Stories: Real Solutions in Action

  • Warehouse Aerial

    Stock Accuracy saves money and cuts 80% of stocktaking time

    The Sentispec Inventory solution has not only streamlined Agri-Norcold’s stocktaking processes but also enhanced trust and operational efficiency across their supply chain, demonstrating the tangible benefits of AI in logistics.

  • Danx Truck on Motorway

    Sentispec AI improves fill rate optimisation and computer vision reduces CO2 emissions

    The demands of the Day And Night Xpress service with a focus on in-night distribution creates a very dynamic route network which needs careful supervision and management. Maintaining surveillance on every load…

  • stock audit

    Stock audit costs improve by 80% with Sentispec Inventory

    The integration of Sentispec Inventory has been a game-changer in Frode Laursen’s approach to stock management, showcasing the practical benefits of AI in streamlining logistics processes.