Saving 7 Minutes per Load

Saving 7 Minutes per Load

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A leading global shipping and logistics company, operating an extensive network of warehouses, services key retailers worldwide, and ships over 5 million containers every year. 


The company faces the demands to maintain high-quality standards across its services, which is critical in a competitive logistics market. The company also needed to achieve high throughput to manage the sheer volume of containers it handles annually. Adding to the complexity, each container required manual administrative work and scanning, tasks that are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, further complicating the logistics process and affecting overall productivity.


Collaborating with Sentispec, the company deployed Sentispec Handler – the AI powered system for automating pallet scanning and logging procedures. By installing cameras on forklifts used in their warehouses Sentispec Handler has significantly improved the way items are loaded into containers. The camera-equipped forklifts automatically capture high-quality images of the items being loaded, scan barcodes, and ensure that the correct pallets are being placed into containers. If an incorrect pallet is detected, the system issues an alert with a message, “please don’t load this,” thereby minimizing mistakes. This technology not only enhances accuracy in loading operations but also serves as a precautionary measure by signaling when actions are about to breach operational protocols.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Increased shipping capacity Higher customer satisfaction
  • 6% warehouse productivity improvement
  • Reducing loading administration by 7 minutes per container

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    Saving 7 Minutes per Load

    A leading global shipping and logistics company gained improvement in warehouse productivity by 6%, effectively reducing the time spent on loading administration by seven minutes per container with Sentispec Handler.

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