Stock Accuracy saves money and cuts 80% of stocktaking time

Stock Accuracy saves money and cuts 80% of stocktaking time

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Agri-Norcold stands as a dominant player in Northern Europe’s cold storage logistics, boasting the region’s largest cold storage facility. With a significant presence in Denmark, they operate 10 cold storage terminals encompassing a total of 1,000,000 m³ of storage space, along with a packaging plant. Their central facility in Kolding is not only pivotal in their operations but also marks their status as a major service partner in the food industry, particularly for frozen food handling and storage. Seeking to advance their operational efficiency, Agri-Norcold turned to Sentispec for a solution to enhance stock accuracy.


Manual stocktaking in their extensive cold storage facilities posed several challenges: high labor costs, strict workplace regulations, and the critical need for precise stock management. Regular stock audits were resource-intensive, yet essential for maintaining transparency with clients relying on Agri-Norcold for accurate inventory management.


Implementing Sentispec Inventory’s Automated Stock solution revolutionized Agri-Norcold’s operations. The deployment at their Kolding logistics center, boasting a 45,000 pallet capacity, led to an 80% reduction in stock counting costs. This AI-driven technology not only provided faster, more accurate inventory counts but also enhanced stock transparency for clients. Additional benefits included reduced labor for locating misplaced pallets and improved working conditions for employees, who could now perform tasks in a more comfortable environment.

Faster and more accurate says the client

«It’s not about AI for the sake of AI, but about us having Sentispec Inventory as a tool for better and faster inventory counting, where we also have the ability to catch errors that we would otherwise have difficulty detecting. Additionally, it has been well received by employees as the task can be carried out from a heated truck, whereas previously it had to be done on foot, and the warehouse is -18 degrees Celsius cold.As a 3PL company, it’s crucial for customers to trust that what the system says we have in stock, we actually have in stock. It’s not acceptable that when they sell a product to a customer, we can’t find the items. With Sentispec Inventory, we have obtained a good tool that is based on something highly advanced but very easy to use in everyday operations.»

Ebbe Gubi, COO, Agri-Norcold

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«Our solution is innovative and practical in that it is easy to deploy with minimal change to existing facilities and processes. It just works.»

Andreas Claudi
Sentispec Aps

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