Stock audit costs improve by 80% with Sentispec Inventory

Stock audit costs improve by 80% with Sentispec Inventory

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Frode Laursen, a distinguished logistics company in Northern Europe with over 70 years of experience, specializes in warehousing and distribution for FMCG, building materials, recycling, and dangerous goods. With more than 640,000 square metres of storage space, including 170,000 sqm in Åstorp, Frode Laursen conducts extensive stock audits monthly. The adoption of Sentispec Inventory solution marks a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs on a corporate scale.


Stocktaking is a manual and labour-intensive operation. Frode Laursen, as a 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL), holds stock on behalf of their customers, meaning that there is an additional need for transparency and accountability at all times. Hence the need to run a regular stock audit for all customer product. To maintain these standards in accountability a significant number of resources must be dedicated to manual stocktaking across all regional warehouses. This is time consuming and can be very costly. Hence the need to review the opportunity for an automated stock audit.


Implementing Sentispec Inventory involved strategically placing cameras and utilizing high-quality computer vision data to provide real-time business insights. This innovation in their Åstorp logistics center has notably accelerated the speed and accuracy of stock audits, offering a new level of stock transparency. The AI-automated stocktaking and inventory tracking system not only fostered enhanced transparency for Frode Laursen’s clients but also assured them of more reliable distribution and inventory management. Moreover, the solution significantly cut down the cost of stock audits, thereby aligning with Frode Laursen’s operational and financial objectives.

«This improves the service we can offer to our customers.»

Peder Kjærsgaard, COO Frode Laursen A/S

«The Sentispec Inventory solution makes it easy to do pinpoint analysis of the current inventory, should we have that need.»

Stefan Maagaard, CTO Warehousing Division, Frode Laursen.

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«Our solution is innovative and practical in that it is easy to deploy with minimal change to existing facilities and processes. It just works.»

Andreas Claudi
Sentispec Aps

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