Sentispec AI computer vision enables a European distributor to optimise fill rates

Sentispec AI computer vision enables a European distributor to optimise fill rates

Background to this European distributor computer vision case study

This client is a regional and specialised logistics provider operating a network of trunk and last mile deliveries to over 500 locations every night. Established in the 1990s with a focus on in-night distribution, which is a service that requires very high standards in quality and reliability, they offer a unique focus on logistics solutions for the Baltics and the Nordic region. We offered them a practical computer vision solution to improve fill rate optimisation.

Challenge for this European distributor 

The demands of the Day And Night Xpress service with a focus on in-night distribution creates a very dynamic route network which needs careful supervision and management. Maintaining surveillance on every load at every distribution point is a serious challenge and requires every haulage vehicle to achieve an optimal load to ensure maximum efficiencies and to achieve client satisfaction with through the night deliveries.

Working with Sentispec, the European distributor has deployed the new AI Fill Rate Optimisation computer vision solution for capturing real-time fill rates of their very dynamic route network. This enables real time data to be fed back to the route planning office for optimisation of scheduled routes.

Method of fill rate optimisation and computer vision in supply chain

The computer vision solution, developed for Sentispec supply chain and logistics clients, uses a mobile app to take pictures of trailers once loading is complete. It then automatically provides these data back to site managers and route planners.

How to improve fill rate in supply chain

Site Managers then use the computer vision data to optimise their load-and route planning for future trips.

“The FRO system helps me a lot in route planning and saves me a lot of time every day.”
Site Manager, European distributor

Sentispec solution offers fill rate optimisation on scheduled routes

While it sounds simple, the AI technology that enables a picture to reveal valuable information is rather complicated. The developers at the global tech start-up Sentispec Aps use the computer vision data to offer a solution for the logistics conundrum that worries despatch and planning managers in every warehouse around the world. How can they optimise and manage delivery efficiency with every load despatched to a timed schedule. 

The AI technology provided in Sentispec’s Fill Rate Optimisation solution interprets the information from the computer vision data collected. It then feeds back the actual fill rate of each lorry on identified routes to the planning office. This helps them to optimise routine routes with data fed back on every trip.

The system can also send message alerts where routes are not meeting specified quotas. This process helps to keep delivery routes at an optimal efficiency and to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary trips with inefficient loads.

computer vision
 Partial load
computer vision
Optimal load

Sentispec solution reduces CO2 emissions over time

This means that route planners can correct regular route loads within days rather than months, saving time, money and CO2 emissions over time.

By using the computer vision data, they can see where loads are under-optimised. As the loads of scheduled routes are optimised they reduce the numbers of trucks on the road and each fill rate is checked and reviewed for optimal route loading.

The system is currently in operation at Helsinki and Tampere sites, and has already shown strong performance results.

“Using the FRO system, we have discovered several valuable optimisation potentials already in the first few months.”
Site Manager, European distributor

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