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    Sentispec Inspector

    Intelligent supply chain management – How to improve fill rate in supply chain

    Managing every point of contact with stock in and out of your premises can help to improve efficiency and eliminate waste across your supply plans.

    The entry point of every warehouse is a prime example where a routine process is expected. However, if human error means that a truck is only partially filled then sometimes there is a disconnect with route planning and an opportunity is wasted. Both warehouse fill rate and the vendor fill rate can be managed more effectively using computer vision ultimately improving the fill rate in supply chain. Read on to learn more…

    fill rate

    Live fill rate reporting

    Empower warehouse management to be more productive. Begin by empowering truck drivers to record their load before departure. Feed that data directly back to the planning office for timely review and correction in routine planning. This will improve both fill rate inventory and fill rate metrics.

    Get automatic alerts when there’s misalignment between planned load and routine fill rate. This enables timely adjustments to each route.

    Manage trailer fill rates to optimise profitability

    Using high quality visual data gathered at each loading bay showing actual Fill Rates of trailers and containers at point of departure, we help you optimise your route planning.

    Our rich data provides input to route planning and improving working processes. We can gather data using mobile phone cameras or fixed security cameras.

    Sentispec Inspector – Savings demonstration

    By recording actual fill rates of each shipment, and sending this as live data in real time to the planning office, action can be taken to correct any future discrepancies. Sentispec also supports by proactively identifying gaps or issues with shipments, accuracy is also checked in real time. Forecasts can be adjusted and future sales opportunities identified and explored by planning departments. This not only makes existing shipments more efficient but in addition will identify new potential revenue streams for each route.

    BenefitsTodaySentispec Solution
    Process OptimisationLocal WH manager onlyCentral view of efficiency
    Improves CO2 emissions
    Fill RatesTheoretical based on Load ManagementCentral view of efficiency
    Improves CO2 emissions
    Cost Optimisation€100-500 k per year
    Based on medium sized warehouse (30,000 m2 )

    Case study:
    10% route operations cost reduction.


    This regional specialised logistics provider operates a network of Trunk and Last Mile deliveries to over 500 locations every night. This is an established routine much valued by customers in the region. Smooth delivery routines are vital to the whole network.


    Due to dynamic and variable demand from customers, constant adaptation is necessary to run a profitable business. This is vital both in ensuring adequate fleet capacity, but also in optimising the sizes of vehicles used to match individual Route loads. Planning and dynamic adaptation is vital for smooth running of the network.


    By ensuring that a picture is taken of the filled vehicle just prior to departure, the customer received real time actual Fill Rates. This enables fast response to dynamic conditions, as a single incorrectly sized vehicle could waste €100k. Read the case study

    Thus, the customer has an invaluable input to Route and Fleet planning, whilst having access to data which helps optimise working processes throughout their operation.

    AI Data transforming supply chains

    Allowing partially filled trailers and containers to leave the warehouse is a waste or time and resources. Partially filled trailers are a source of added cost and expense to a logistics business and can be avoided.

    If you could record the load densities and fill rates of every load and route shipment using computer vision that would empower the planning office to improve load fill rates and therefore profitability. It can be done.

    fill rate

    How Sentispec Inspector increases fill rate optimisation in freight logistics

    Using cameras to record and stream the high quality computer vision data of every truck or shipment before departure and sending it to the planning office you have a record available for use. This can be done at every point of entry for the supply chain, from initial palette loading to warehouse despatch.

    In this way, you can provide statistics of load densities across your entire fleet and network based on real time data from driver mobile or fixed cameras at gates.

    By recording and reporting supply chain fill rates in this timely fashion you can then inform the route planning department. They will then have the ability to take action and to adapt and improve planning to ensure optimal efficiencies on each route.

    This will increase average fill rates & improve route efficiency rates by approximately 5-20% in our experience. Learn about Sentispec Inspector.

    How much can you save using Sentispec Inspector ?