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    For load quality assurance use Sentispec Handler

    Why is Sentispec Handler important?

    The collection of computer vision data in this use case can play a vital role in warehouse management and warehouse shipment insurance claims, saving significant costs. Sentispec Handler can deliver load quality assurance.

    Contact Sentispec to learn more about how this might help your organisation. Read on to learn more…

    Warehouse management

    In the usually busy warehouse despatch and receiver’s environment recording the palette exact contents on despatch and receipt may not be the highest priority. However, the benefits are tangible. Read on to learn about the load quality assurance examples and methodology.

    The power of visual data

    With cameras set up to monitor and record the warehouse loading and unloading process for all containers and trailers the process is automated, the data is recorded and secure for future reference.

    Warehouse claims management

    Our Sentispec Handler service helps reduce the time to produce evidence collected using computer vision for use in Claims management. This can also help to improve Claim rejection rates and give clients peace of mind.

    load quality assurance

    Benefits of Sentispec Handler

    The real benefit of you positioning Sentispec Handler at key positions during despatch and receipt of warehouse goods is that it saves you time and money. It does this by collecting computer vision data, with a date stamp, offering load quality assurance for every shipment. This accurate visual record of what happens is matched to delivery, unloading, put away and despatch dockets enabling real quality assurance vs quality control. It is a strategic use of computer vision in warehouses.

    Computer vision in warehouses

    The running costs of warehouse management can be contained using computer vision at strategic entry and exit points throughout the warehouse.

    By recording all packaged shipments ready to leave the warehouse and all those arriving at point of entry you keep careful records. This is vital in warehouse management to ensure your work has been completed as contracted at point of exit. And you visualise product status on arrival.

    Here is an example of how that might add up in a standard warehousing claims management

    Sentispec Handler – Savings demonstration

    In this table we offer a typical demonstration of labour savings and revenue uplifts our clients have experienced using our Sentispec Handler ready solution. The figures are based on documented client experiences through insurance claims avoided through the management of the whole process using Sentispec Access, delivering load quality assurance with every load.

    BenefitsTodaySentispec Solution
    Annual Pallet Volume1,000,000Plus 10%
    Claims Volume€100,000Minus 25%
    Labour & Claims Savings€50-75k per year
    Revenue uplift potential€2-6m per year
    Based on medium sized crossdocking terminal (15,000 m2 )

    Case study:
    Small shipping warehouse ensures 100,000 additional pallets annually


    This global shipping company operates a large number of warehouses servicing key global retailers, who have strict Load Quality policies and checks. Managing load quality assurance is vital for every load.


    Due to high quality demands, this customer manually takes photos of every layer of goods loaded into a trailer or container. While this slows down the loading process it helps to enable load quality assurance through Sentispec Handler. However, pictures are sometimes forgotten or misplaced, or have a low quality impeding or preventing any possibility of claims being handled effectively.


    By mounting cameras on the loading trucks, and connecting them to the Sentispec platform, images are routinely captured for each shipment, with consistent quality. What is more, they are easily searchable digitally.

    The huge advantage is that the customer will spend less time processing claims, and have a higher rejection rate, whilst freeing up manpower for critical tasks.

    How much can you save using Sentispec Handler ?