Revolutionize Your Pallet Tracking 
& Claim Management With AI

Sentispec Handler: Automated Pallet Scanning

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Optimised Load Handling

Sentispec Handler is the AI-powered system for automating your scanning process and perfecting your logging procedures. Bring the precision of AI scanning to every milestone from inbound to outbound and reduce errors by 90%, whilst saving 1-2 minutes per pallet in handling.

Where Cutting-Edge AI Meets Logistics Excellence

Using cutting-edge computer vision, Handler ensures every load is accurately accounted, every pallet is perfectly placed and every claim is backed with evidence. It documents load conditions automatically, identifies errors and flags potential issues, leaving you sure and secure in any claims management cases.

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How Sentispec Handler Works

Automated Pallet Tracking 
with Computer Vision


Intelligent Camera Monitoring

Sentispec Handler integrates seamlessly with your existing system, adding visual verification and tracking to your data flow. AI enabled high speed cameras are mounted on forklifts and/or gates, which captures every pallet movement and alerts the workers of potential issues.


Automated Data Flow

Visual data is actively processed using Computer Vision, turning your captured images into structured data. Every item is condition-logged using high-quality images so that any damage or other discrepancy can quickly be identified and tracked. This means real-time traceability for fast claims resolution with low rejection rates.


AI-Powered Analysis

Uncover best practices amongst your sites, as loading and unloading procedures are immediately analysed and logged, giving you a constant real-time update on the performance of all your stock movements.

Operational Efficiency of Sentispec Handler

Sentispec Handler will redefine your processes from inbound, through put-away to outbound. Take a look at just some of the benefits Sentispec Handler brings to a medium sized terminal (15,000 m2):

Operational Time Savings

Shifting from days to mere hours for complete stocktakes represents a massive reduction in operational time, leading to potential savings in overtime and staffing.

Trusted by industry leaders valuing efficiency

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30x faster than manual processing

Sentispec Inventory
-Automated stocktaking and audits.

Cameras mounted on trucks and other mobile devices reduce manual labour costs by as much as 95%.

Delivers automated stocktaking and stock audits by running 30 times faster than standard methods


Sentispec Inspector
- Precision in Every Route: Maximize Efficiency with Accurate Fill Rates.

Inspector meticulously assesses actual fill rates for trailers and containers, optimising route planning and enhancing customer service.

Forklift in Warehouse

Consistent accuracy in fill rates for every dispatch

Sentispec Founders

Pioneering Tomorrow:The Founders' Vision for a Revolutionary Logistics Future

«In everything we do at Sentispec, we are unconditionally constructive.

This means that we approach all situations with positivity and a tireless drive to deliver the right, effective solutions for our customers.

We are uncompromising in terms of cyber security, data location, data regulations, and data privacy. We never share your data with 3rd parties, and respect for data is part of our DNA.»

— Andreas Claudi and Morten Herman Langkjær, Sentispec founders