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Sentispec Inspector: Optimise your Fill Rates

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The Challenge with 
Route Planning

Traditionally, route planners are forecasting based on historical data, theoretical calculations, and gut feel. The challenge with this approach is that is does not offer insight into the actual fill rates. This makes it nearly impossible to utilize the full capacity of your fleet. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet targets of reducing costs and CO2.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Fleet

With Sentispec Inspector, your planning department gains access to an online platform containing detailed information about every route, such as the actual fill rates by floor and volume, and time of arrival/departure. This enables route planners to make informed decisions, such as up-selling latent capacity and consolidating routes.

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How Sentispec Inspector Works

Fill Rate Optimization of 
Trailers and Containers


Intelligent Capture

From an app on your drivers´ PDA or fixed cameras mounted at gates, pictures are taken to capture the loads of trailers and containers and calculate the data.


Real-time Results

Results are then uploaded to the online platform, where planners can check pictures and analyse results immediately to maximise fill rate efficiency.


Actionable Analytics

As the system gathers more data, planners can start to identify opportunities to optimise individual routes and the route network. For instance, which routes can be consolidated, which has latent capacity to handle increased demand or new business opportunities, and where can the size of the vehicles be reduced.

Operational Efficiency with Sentispec Inspector

Sentispec Inspector will redefine your approach to route planning and eliminate the need to rely on fill rate data based on eye measurements and gut feel. Take a look at just some of the benefits Sentispec Inspector brings to a medium sized terminal (30 gates):

Operational Time Savings

Shifting from days to mere hours for complete stocktakes represents a massive reduction in operational time, leading to potential savings in overtime and staffing.

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30x faster than manual processing

Sentispec Inventory
-Automated stocktaking and audits.

Cameras mounted on trucks and other mobile devices reduce manual labour costs by as much as 95%.

Delivers automated stocktaking and stock audits by running 30 times faster than standard methods


Sentispec Handler
- Seamless Tracking: From Inbound to Outbound.

Handler diligently tracks every pallet movement, from its entry to exit. This not only boosts transparency and quality but also shaves off 1-2 minutes from each pallet’s handling time. It seamlessly automates the protocols for loading and unloading while alerting drivers about potential loading errors.

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Automatic quality assurance with accurate video record

Sentispec Founders

Pioneering Tomorrow:The Founders' Vision for a Revolutionary Logistics Future

«In everything we do at Sentispec, we are unconditionally constructive.

This means that we approach all situations with positivity and a tireless drive to deliver the right, effective solutions for our customers.

We are uncompromising in terms of cyber security, data location, data regulations, and data privacy. We never share your data with 3rd parties, and respect for data is part of our DNA.»

— Andreas Claudi and Morten Herman Langkjær, Sentispec founders