AI-Powered Warehousing:
The Future, Delivered Now

Improve quality, productivity and transparency in global supply chains

Experience a 90% increase in stocktaking efficiency, reduce claims, and unlock transformative operational insights, all powered by advanced analytics and AI.


Trusted by industry leaders valuing efficiency

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30x faster than manual processing

Sentispec Inventory
-Automated stocktaking and audits.

Cameras mounted on trucks and other mobile devices reduce manual labour costs by as much as 95%.

Delivers automated stocktaking and stock audits by running 30 times faster than standard methods


Sentispec Handler
- Seamless Tracking: From Inbound to Outbound.

Handler diligently tracks every pallet movement, from its entry to exit. This not only boosts transparency and quality but also shaves off 1-2 minutes from each pallet’s handling time. It seamlessly automates the protocols for loading and unloading while alerting drivers about potential loading errors.

Forklift loading TYruck

Automatic quality assurance with accurate video record

Forklift in Warehouse

Consistent accuracy in fill rates for every dispatch

Sentispec Inspector
- Precision in Every Route: Maximize Efficiency with Accurate Fill Rates.

Inspector meticulously assesses actual fill rates for trailers and containers, optimising route planning and enhancing customer service.


Save Costs

Cut warehousing costs by 3-8% and improve loading and stocktaking.

Faster Loading

Save up to 10 minutes per vehicle, increasing productivity by 5-10%.

Better Route Planning

Improve routes and cut CO2 emissions by increasing average fill rates by 5-10%.

Journey to Enhanced Logistics:
Our Three-Step Approach


Goal Setting

We work together to outline your key performance targets, revealing the specific gains your operation can achieve.


Test and Confirm

Test our technology through a pilot program to see the direct benefits and the improvements in your workflow.


Broadening Impact

Post-pilot, we refine the scope to fully integrate improvements, sharpening efficiency and enhancing overall operational performance.

Case Study: How Sentispec Inventory cuts stocktaking costs by 80%

The AI automated stock audit has therefore streamlined the process and stock controls. It has also improved turnaround times for inventory counts dramatically, and improved accuracy and time spent in resolving anomalies like missing pallets. The stock audit savings are estimated as a cut of 80% in manual labour costs in this warehouse alone.

«This improves the service we can offer to our customers.»

— Peder Kjærsgaard, COO Frode Laursen A/S

Man in warehouse

Crafted for Logistics Leaders

Third-Party Logistics Powerhouses (3PL)

Optimize your logistics by leveraging AI technology, overseeing 500+ warehouse locations globally and skillfully coordinating over 1000 routes per month.


Manufacturing companies can manage their inventory accurately and predictably with AI stocktaking. Automate manual count processes and integrate it seamlessly with existing systems to facilitate smarter, faster decision-making by using the system.


Take your retail presence to the next level with more than 800 international outlets. Manage 2000+ SKUs monthly to ensure your products reach diverse markets.

Sentispec Founders

Pioneering Tomorrow:The Founders' Vision for a Revolutionary Logistics Future

«In everything we do at Sentispec, we are unconditionally constructive.

This means that we approach all situations with positivity and a tireless drive to deliver the right, effective solutions for our customers.

We are uncompromising in terms of cyber security, data location, data regulations, and data privacy. We never share your data with 3rd parties, and respect for data is part of our DNA.»

— Andreas Claudi and Morten Herman Langkjær, Sentispec founders


Sentispec Spotlight: Industry News & Innovations

  • Warehouse Aerial

    Stock Accuracy saves money and cuts 80% of stocktaking time

    The Sentispec Inventory solution has not only streamlined Agri-Norcold’s stocktaking processes but also enhanced trust and operational efficiency across their supply chain, demonstrating the tangible benefits of AI in logistics.

  • Danx Truck on Motorway

    Sentispec AI improves fill rate optimisation and computer vision reduces CO2 emissions

    The demands of the Day And Night Xpress service with a focus on in-night distribution creates a very dynamic route network which needs careful supervision and management. Maintaining surveillance on every load…

  • stock audit

    Stock audit costs improve by 80% with Sentispec Inventory

    The integration of Sentispec Inventory has been a game-changer in Frode Laursen’s approach to stock management, showcasing the practical benefits of AI in streamlining logistics processes.